Meet Japheth

Touch Up Specialist Owner Japheth

A little background

What’s up everyone! My name is Japheth (pronounced “J-Fifth”). I’m a third-generation San Diegan, and your bumper and paint specialist.

Here’s how I got into this line of work…

In my early twenties I was in a dead-end job, uninspired, and bored. I had some buddies who were in the auto reconditioning industry and when they talked about their work, it sounded cool. After asking a lot of questions and checking it out in person, I decided to go for it. I quit my job, invested in the supplies and equipment to start my own mobile paint and bumper repair business, and never looked back. That was 24 years ago.

The secret to my success

I’ve worked with multiple dealers in the San Diego area and built up my direct retail clientele through word of mouth. How? By delivering quality workmanship and consistent customer service. The secret to my success is showing up when I say I will. (Okay, sometimes I’m a few minutes late.) I find a lot of satisfaction in fixing something that’s part of someone’s style – their vehicle. And, even though my clients are always happy to see me, they usually hope they won’t have to see me again soon.

Touch Up Specialists Truck

Down time

Japheth Surfing

When I’m not busy working, you’ll find me…well, that depends, is the surf firing?! Then you’ll find me at one of my favorite surf spots in San Diego because I love being outside and gettin’ wet.

Japheth and Stacy

Otherwise, I’m enjoying life with the-best-thing-that-ever-happened-to-me, Stacy, my wife of 22 years. We love to travel, spend time with our friends, and do volunteer work in our community.