About Japheth

What’s up!

My name is Japheth (pronounced “Jay-Fifth”). I’m a third-generation San Diegan, and a bumper and paint specialist.

I got into this business because in my early twenties I was bored, uninspired and working at a dead-end job. Some buddies of mine were in the auto reconditioning industry and when they talked about their work it sounded cool.

After asking a lot of questions and checking it out, I went for it. I quit my job, invested in the supplies and equipment to start my own mobile bumper repair business, and never looked back. That was over two decades ago.

Why I do what I do.

  • I really enjoy meeting new people all over San Diego and making those connections.
  • It’s rewarding to offer a service that makes a big difference to someone else – fixing a vehicle that’s part of their style.
  • I like the challenge of matching colors and figuring out how to make something damaged look brand new again.
  • It feels good knowing my customers are always happy to see me…even if they hope they won’t have to see me again anytime soon.

When I’m not working.

You’ll find me…well, that depends. Is the surf firing?! Then, I’ll be getting wet at one of my favorite surf spots in San Diego.

I get stoked jumping on a last minute surf trip to another part of the world when there’s a swell hitting. Somewhere I can trunk it. I like going left, but prefer right-handers. And, hopefully, at a spot I can get a barrel or two or three or four…

Facts about me.

  • I’m happily married to my beautiful wife and best friend of 22 years, Stacy.
  • We have two fur feline kids named Manhattan and Martini.
  • Exploring and travelling is a must. So far our #1 trip has been an African safari in Kenya.
  • We enjoy staying connected to our neighbors by doing volunteer work in our community.

Ready to Get Started?

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